Do not look in a ladies bag... except for now.

School project folder with mamegoma, a mustachbag with my DS in it,  a history of culture book, two scribblebooks (one mintgreen and one black), a small dictionary (I want to be awsome at english, okey? C:), The latest LEVEL, two pokemons larvitar and dratini (sounds like a drink, haha), my very small and pink wallet, lipbalm, keys, ache-pills or what they are called and my LG-laptop. I usually don't have the small dictonary and my history book there, but they're school stuff so I guess I have to have thoose stuff in the picture too!

Postat av: Henrik


2010-05-08 @ 19:57:00
Postat av: Liza

oooh älskar din Nintendo DS!!

2010-08-04 @ 08:06:23

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