Do not look in a ladies bag... except for now.

School project folder with mamegoma, a mustachbag with my DS in it,  a history of culture book, two scribblebooks (one mintgreen and one black), a small dictionary (I want to be awsome at english, okey? C:), The latest LEVEL, two pokemons larvitar and dratini (sounds like a drink, haha), my very small and pink wallet, lipbalm, keys, ache-pills or what they are called and my LG-laptop. I usually don't have the small dictonary and my history book there, but they're school stuff so I guess I have to have thoose stuff in the picture too!


naw c:

Moving to my dear mother.

I'm leaving some home, but i have alot at my parents home. My dad is working in Holland right now, so I'm keeping my mom company here in the middle of nowhere. But I'll soon live here constantly. This is what's left:

My brother is taking over the apartment while I'm not there. But soon I'll not have anything there, so I wounder how he's gonna survive there.... D:

Raspberries and vanilla yoghurt.

Totally my new favorite breakfast! Om nom nom

Going home

Buh-bye Uppsala!

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